Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aion fragment of memory 1 walkthrough (Elyos)

You must be at least Level 26 to open or receive this quest. See Elyos 26 for more quests that can be started at this same level.
Quest Notes

To complete this quest, you must acquire a Temporal Stone. Design: Temporal Stone is available from Deucalion (PW/AA) in Teminon Fortress for 1,500 Abyss Points, but that is not the end. The Design requires Alchemy (199p) and the following materials (nested lines show sub-combines):

* Magic Power Crystal (3) (PW/AA)
o Elemental Water (20) (PW/AA)
+ Elemental Stone (1)
o Catalyst (1) (PW/AA) (sold by Darius in (Aion Zone)])
* Wisdom Stone (5) (PW/AA)
o Elemental Stone Powder (4) (PW/AA)
+ Elemental Stone (1)
o Catalyst (1) (PW/AA)
* Catalyst (11) (PW/AA)
* Aether Crystal (16) (Harvestable, with Extract Aether (100p) from a Big Vortex)

So, you will need Elemental Stone (80), Catalyst (91) (PW/AA), and Aether Crystal (16), and the services of a Rank III Alchemist.

There is an alternative. Temporal Stone (3) is also a reward from the quest, Defeat 5th Rank Asmodian Soldiers. I know, not much help, huh, but there it is.

You can also frequently find them on the Broker. On Fregion they usually cost about 80,000 Kinah .

Lugbug and the Artifact of the Inception are on Leibo Island, an unmarked island in the center of the Lower Layer of Reshanta.