Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aion Armor Sets

Aion offers four types of armor and five types of other wearable items.

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There are nearly 500 different belts and waistbands, which add bonuses to player attributes.

Chain Armor

The chain armor set consists of boots, gloves, greaves, hauberks, helmets, and pauldrons. It is a medium strength armor, having good physical defense capabilities (but less magical defense).

Cloth Armor

Like the chain armor, the complete cloth armor set consists of bandanas, gloves, leggings, pauldrons, shoes, and tunics. Cloth armor is light armor, with high defensive capabilities for magic.


The category of headgear includes glasses, masks, bandanas and hats. Some helmets are included, but actually belong in their own armor categories. The list of headgear consists of 260 items. Also, no class is restricted to use any form of headgear unlike the other armor ex: clerics can wear plate headgear although the stats are not something a cleric would care for it is technically possible.


Jewelry can be crafted (using the Handicraft skill) and sold at a higher price. It does, however, require expensive materials (gems). Jewelry like earrings and necklaces are also visible on the character. Each having a unique design or glow as well as special stats depending on whether you are caster oriented or melee.


In Aion every class is given two earring slots. Some may be melee heavy stats or caster heavy. Each player should choose the earrings suited for their class.


Another slot used to increase your class stats. Necklaces, like all jewelry, are


In Aion every class is given two ring slots. Some may be melee heavy stats or caster heavy. Each player should choose the rings suited for their class.

Leather Armor

Leather armor also consists of gloves, hats, jerkins, leggings, pauldrons and shoes. It is another light armor type, but unlike cloth armor, doesn't defend well against magic but generally has high evasion.

Plate Armor

Plate armor (boots, breastplates, gloves, greaves, helmets, and pauldrons) is the heaviest armor available and has a high physical and magic defense.


Shields are used as defensive items. They also increase the damage reduction and increases the damage reduced on successful blocks.


In Aion, wings can be bought and equipped to increase flight time. There is only a small number of different wings available.