Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aion kinah hack, the armor and gear crafting professions

When it comes to making Kinah in Aion, the armor and gear crafting professions are at a distinct disadvantage for a few reasons. To start with, these professions take a much greater volume of time to get anything done with. You need to level them up to start with, which can take hours and hours of work order or recipe crafting. In addition, leveling up a crafting profession like this can cost you immense chunks of Kinah.
Once you reach level 450 and can start crafting the higher level items that are available through Abyss recipes, you’re going to need to have a good strategy to sell them off at the Trade Broker. There are a few ways to go about this, but it is going to take some solid salesmanship to get you started.
How to make Kinah with Armormsithing
To start with, you need to load up on Divine Power and Aether from the Abyss. You can gather Divine Power by farming on the various Balaur mobs in this zone. While in the Abyss you should also work toward making sure you control as many fortresses as possible. This will allow you to buy more of the rare recipes that are available at this level and up.
In addition to the gathering of materials and recipes, you now need to gather materials for crafting. It can cost quite a bit to buy them straight off the market, but they also take a while to gather on their own as most Unique and Legendary gear will require between 10 and 50 materials each.
Once you have gathered what you need, it is time to use your Divine Power to try and proc higher level gear out of the recipes you have gathered. This can be a very hit or miss process, so make sure you are at a full Level 450 with Armorsmithing before you try it. That way, you minimize waste.
Selling Your Gear
Once you proc that super rare gear, you can focus on reselling it on the Trade Broker or in your Private Store. Be aware that it can take a good long while to resell gear because the market is always so limited. But, leave it up, be realistic about your profit margins and you will always make a solid chunk of Kinah in return. In addition, you can attempt to find people willing to hire you before you craft anything – this will reduce the drain on your resources before you make a sale.